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Circuit of Albert Park
16 19 March 2017 (TBC)
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For which sport event can I purchase tickets ?

The list of sports and related events, for which you can acquire tickets is available at the bottom of our homepage Gootickets.com. Click on a sport to obtain the event list.


How can I purchase tickets & accessories ?

We encourage you to book your tickets via our online ticket shop. The process is very simple taking less than 2 minutes. You can also order tickets by mail, fax or telephone. Please refer to the contact page of our website.

How do I know whether tickets I want are still available ?

If a certain ticket is available, you will be able to choose the quantity and add it to your shopping cart. A « sold out » comment appears for tickets that are no longer available.


How can I know the characteristics of a grandstand/tribune/loge ?

You can find this out by clicking on « details » next to the stand name. Moreover, the circuit/stadium map on the upper-left side offers you a global visibility on the stand location. Click on the map to zoom.


Why is the event schedule sometimes not available ?

Timetables are usually planned on very short notice and may be confirmed relatively late. As soon as a timetable becomes available it will be available on the website, and probably sent to you via email.

Can I request a special seat ?

Selecting your seat online is not available for every event. However, you can send us your request/preference when ordering the tickets. We will do our best to satisfy your demand.

Can I cancel my ticket order ?

After you have confirmed the order online, we accept neither cancellation nor reimbursement. Contact our customer sevice for cancelation policies.


Can I add ticket(s) to my order after the booking has been processed ?

Yes, you can add ticket(s) to your order, depending on availabilities. Please, contact our customer service by email or telephone to do so.

Can I modify my order ?

Generally, an order is not changeable. However, you can ask our customer service by email or telephone.



What is a shopping basket ?

The shopping basket, on the upper-right side of the « Tickets » page, is used for storing the tickets you reserve before proceeding to the check out. This is similar to what you do in a supermarket ! After adding tickets to your shopping basket, you can easily remove them or change the desired number.

How can I add tickets or accessories to my shopping basket ?

Select the tickets you want, enter the desired number into the proper field or choose the amount with the +/- buttons and then click the order button next to it.

How can I change the quantity of items in my shopping basket ?

Click the navigation button entitled « cart » in the shopping basket located on the upper-right side. The content of your shopping basket will appear. In order to change the quantity of a ticket category or accessory, use the +/- buttons to have the change processed.

How can I remove items from my shopping basket ?

Click on the red cross next to the item you want to remove, directly on the shopping basket.



What method of shipment is used ?

Tickets are sent by DHL Express. You will receive a tracking number by e-mail as soon as the package is dispatched. Using this number you can locate your package at anytime.

For some events, you may also opt for « pick up ». This means that you will simply have to collect them directly at the event.

When will my tickets/accessories be delivered ?

Generally tickets will be deliverd by DHL approximately 3-4 weeks before the event. 

Please see your invoice for the previewed delivery schedule.

Can I provide a different delivery address ?

Yes, if you need your tickets delivered to another address than the invoice address, please send us an email with your new address and we will modify this information in your dedicated customer account.

Do I need to be present in person when DHL delivers ?

Yes. DHL is delivering tickets during the daytime. Please make sure to provide a delivery address where you or someone of your confidence can sign for the tickets during the day.

DHL highly encourage you to use your office address as delivery address.

How much is the delivery cost ?

The cost is based on your delivery address. The amount is automatically calculated when you enter your country on the checkout page.



What type of payment do you accept ?

We accept credit card payment and bank transfers. Please contact us by email with your precise order request (note to include your full contact details and invoicing address) to receive an invoice in order to pay via bank transfer.

How safe is the payment, using my credit card ?

Our payment platform is fully secured. The "SSL" (Secure Socket Layer) connection exists between your browser and the server. This means that the data are transferred after being encrypted and thus cannot be abused by third parties. Your personal data is handled with discretion, of course, and only used to carry out your order.

Our server guarantees the highest possible level of encryption available at present. While entering your personal data such as name, address and perhaps also your credit card number.

You can check the type of connection supported by clicking the right mouse button on the page in question and viewing the page properties.

Should you prefer not to transfer your data over the Internet despite our high security standards, we would be happy to accept your credit card information by fax. Please contact us by email or telephone to obtain a crédit card authorization form.

When will my credit card account be debited ?

As soon as the tickets you have ordered have been confirmed, an invoice will be issued and at the same time your credit card account will be debited with the amount due as per your booking.

When must the bank transfer be paid ?

Once you have successfully placed your order by email, an invoice will be sent to you by e-mail as a pdf file. The invoice states the date the payment is due.

Why do you sometime charge handling fee ?

A handling fee might be applied depending on the chosen event. Thus, In order to cover our cost and to be able to offer you optimum service, we need to apply a small percentage to the ticket price.

Why is there a difference in the face value of the ticket and what I paid for it?

Depending on the supplier we buy the tickets from there is always a margin included. This margin normally covers handling and profit margins of third parties. We therefore need to sometimes incorporate those in the net price we charge you.

My payment was refused, what should I do ?

Please, use one of the following options to finalize your order:

- try again, perhaps with another credit card.

- try again, choosing another payment method (bank transfer…)

- fill out and return the credit card authorization form (click here)

- contact our customer service

My order is in security check, what does it mean ?

This means that our credit card security system has detected an irregularity with your order. You simply need to provide our security department the requested information. The objective of this check is to protect you from fraudulent credit card use.


If the above do not meet your questions, please contact us.